Coach Kostrzewski Competes in Fitness Challenge

Doctor Kostrzewski is a avid exerciser and regularly participates in athletic challenges including competitive weight lifting meets, slalom ski races and triathlons. Doc’s latest endeavor has him directly competing with 4 other doctors of similar athletic background in 5 unique challenges.

Challenge #1: Bench Press

Dr. Kostrewski, DMD is usually found carrying the weight of running a successful dental practice, but when he needs to get something off his chest he’s always willing. The bench press competition was fierce, the other competitors were able to put up close to 200 pounds, but Dr. K snuck into the first by adding 1/2 pound weights to every lift he did.

Sure enough that strategy paid off – he was able to secure victory in the Commit To Be Fit Challenge!

Challenge #2: Squat

“I felt most comfortable in the squat, because I’m used to having weight on my back” says Walter. He put up 100 pounds more than any other competitor with a total squat of 315 for 1.

Challenge #3: 5K Race

Coach Kostrzewski is quite the strategist – he actually took a L in the 5K and saved his energy for the other challenges. (see our links page for more info)

Challenge #4: Deadlift

Tired from the 3.1 mile run, his opponents didn’t have the energy to compete with Coach K’s 405 pound deadlift. The closest weight lifted was only 225 pounds!

Challenge #5: Arm Wrestling

The arm wrestling challenge was done through a round robin with the person who had the best record being declared the winner. Coach K was feeling fresh after skipping the 5K race and decided to play defense in order to tire out his opponents. He was able to seal the victory with a record of 3-1 and only lost a single time!

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